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This is a short teaser.

A Tribute

On 16th July 2017 George A. Romero, one of the greatest horror film-makers, died aged 77. He was most famous for his "Living Dead" series of films and has been credited as being the inventor of the Zombie genre as we know it today. 

Homage to the Dead is my tribute to my favourite horror movies: Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985). I love these films because of how they make you feel. It might just be the age of them that gives them the scent of an old fusty suitcase but there's something about them. They have the stench of rotten flesh and if I can replicate even a fraction of that I will be content. 

About the Project

This is an entry for The Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam but as it's become clear that I won't get it finished in time I've decided to turn this into a teaser for a full length version. This will give me the time to explore a wider scope and I hopefully intend to work on this when the jam has finished.

If you like what you see please tell others if you don't tell me!

Extra Info:

I made sure that the mouse was locked to screen, and I downloaded the exact build that I most recently uploaded and there's no problem with the mouse not locking to screen. If you encounter this problem I do apologies. There's not much I can do as I test it was dual monitors.

I'll get round to making a MAC version soon, but for now PC only I'm afraid. 


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Development log


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Amazing game. I really enjoyed it. Keep it up


watch video here:


Thank you for taking the time to give it a go. I enjoyed watching you're play through. Happy new year!


I made a video of 3 games from the Haunted PS1 Jam and this game is the first in the video.

I have to say I was really, really impressed by the atmosphere you managed to create in such a short space of time in the game. 

The sound design and the stylisation of the graphics were really well put together and I would love to see something from this project fleshed out!

Anyway, here is the video for those interested: 

What a lovely play through. Thanks for taking the time to give it a shot man. Enjoyed watching you play it. Cheers.

Really good, this game is dripping with Romero inspiration. The sound design is great and using the VHS visuals creates an awesome creepy atmosphere. If you're interested in seeing game-play you can take a look at my lets play. But I really recommend playing the game be played, if you like horror you wont be disappointed. Hope the developer keeps pushing this forward, would love to play a longer version of this down the line. 

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed playing the demo. Thanks for the video. 


OMG! No way! really? Thank you so much!!!! your so lucky you can make these games! i always wanted to make a game just like dawn of the dead! you have to fight zombies in a mall and as go, You have to lock and board up each entrance/exit and then once it's done you and your team have to kill the remaining zombies and then you have to go into different stores and craft parts to fix your helicopter all before the hoarde outside gets to big and they bust the doors down and flood in but sometimes a few get in to keep the game fun and players on their toes! i know i wont ever be able to i tried to read assembly language for cheat engine just cant do it! oh well thanks again!!! ill be watching for it!

This sounds like a really well thought out game. I like the idea of barricading yourself in. It's something I've played around with a lot and although it doesn't feature too much in this little demo, it is going to be a feature of the larger game!

ugh! i cant play!!! 64bit only! im a huge romero fan too bad!


I’ll upload a 32 bit shortly.

Hi dan how long does it take to do that im sorry i forgot to ask! A month? A week? A year? LOL! 

No longer than 3 hours. The time starts in the next 1 hour which doesn't actually begin until 10 minute passed the previous 2 hours. 

Try now.

The game was interesting for the game jam, tho was a bit difficult to understand a few things with out spending too much time looking for small interactables. This was the first game I played.

MUY BUENO, excelentes sustos 

Al aire libreAl aire libre

Bro this game is insane man....!! :o

Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you’ll be excited about a full version when I get the time to finish it off. Please consider leaving the game an itchio rating. Thanks again. 

Sure I will rate it...I hope you release the full version soon.


Even tho this is a teaser demo, it was awesome to play. Can't wait for the full game.

Thanks for the rating buddy. Love your video. 

Your game has a big puppet combo feel to it. Not sure if you are a fan of their work. I don't mean it as, an insult I think you made an amazing game.  The peeping through the door was very unique of you and, gave so much suspense. It shot my anxiety through the roof. I would like to think George would be proud of this game you created. Keep up the good work!

Thank you. Such kind words. Puppet Combo is a great influence on my work. I mentioned PC along with 98Demake and Christophe in the opening credits. 😉 Please consider leaving me a rating if you enjoyed. Thanks again. 

Great as always!

Thank you as always! 

I dig games like this so it was very enjoyable for me. Good stuff!

Thanks for the video. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Please consider leaving the game a rating; it really helps drive more people to the demo. Good luck with your YT channel!

Sorry about the mouse not locking. I actually addressed that issue a couple of weeks ago so I guess you must be playing an older version. Sorry about that. 

I really enjoyed playing this teaser I liked the style I think a full game will be alot of fun.  🧟 If you wold like to see my playthrough here it is: 

Enjoy 🧟🧟🧟🧟

Thanks for the video! Glad you enjoyed the teaser. Despite not catching the controls you seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. Please consider leaving it a rating if you enjoyed it. Cheers mate.

really enjoyed playing the game! Definitely developed a creepy atmospheric environment, I felt an unnerving feeling throughout the whole game , just waiting for something to jump out lol. I understand this is a demo, but I wish it was longer, but nonetheless, keep up the good work friend 💪🏻 



Thanks a lot for giving a try. I enjoyed watching your video. The atmosphere is definitely a teal focus of mine. I’d be grateful if you could the game an itchio rating if you haven’t already. Thanks again. 

Such a great demo! I really enjoyed it and I cant wait for it to be finished! Great tribute!


Thanks Steve. Great video. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you’ve got time I’d appreciate it if you could leave the game a rating for what you think it deserves. Many thanks!

This game was really great! I loved the little reference to Day of The Dead with the calendar too. i loved the VHS look to it too, made it look really old which made me more interested in the game. 

I can't wait for the full game to come out in the future!


I’m really excited to work on a fuller version of the game. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks a lot for making this video. I’d really appreciate a rating if you can spare a couple of minutes. Every little helps!! 

Great and super creepy atmosphere! Loved this demo and looking forward to the full thing! 

Thanks for taking the time to play my little teaser buddy. A couple of jump scares in there 😉 Thanks again, giving it a rating if you get a few mins pretty please! 

Good little game. Looking forward to the full release!

YouTube channel: youtube.com/jonathick

You win the prize for the best door reaction! Thanks for playing the teaser and look out for the full game whenever I get round to making it! I’d really appreciate a rating on itchio if you get the time. It really helps me out. Cheers Jonny. 

I played this at 2 am so I think i got a bit more creeped out than usual lol. I LOVED the puzzles too, just the right difficulty for me.

would be GREAT  to see the full version someday :D


2am is a brave time to play this! Thanks for giving it a shot. I’m glad you’re excited about a full version. If you liked this teaser please consider giving it a rating on itchio. It really helps the games reputation. Thanks again. 

I wasn't ready for this :P

I really enjoyed watching this; thanks for taking the time to make a video. If you could spare just a little more (if you haven’t already) could I urge you leave the game a rating please? It’s make my day 😉

Definitely! Keep doing what you're doing  ;)

Really cool game and style!!! (:

Thanks Xtella! Glad you liked the style. Did you leave the teaser a rating? I’d love to get a few more stars! Many thanks. 

I love the ps1 style! I am interested to see which direction this game will take 

Thank you! I hope the future direction doesn’t disappoint you. I’m really excited to move this forward and have already built quite a lot more. If you’re happy to do so (and haven’t already) I love you to leave the game a rating. That’d be just awesome! 

hi, big thx for the great teaser. i love it so much. greetings from germany

Danke Rostiger. Du bist mine 1st YouTuber. “Pacific” zwei jare ago. My German is terrible 🙂 🇩🇪 Please if you enjoyed leave th game a rating here on itchio. Many thanks. 

👍😊 hi my friend, i give you 5 stars. greetings

"They're coming to get you Barbara....They're coming for you, Barbara!"

...we found Johnny


(The below video is a walkthrough with roleplay commentary. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy it and want to see more) 

Obviously a Romero fan! I hope you enjoyed it. An interesting concept for you YT channel. Thanks for playing. If you have time please consider leaving the game a review. It really helps. Many thanks. 

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Thank you for the reply and thank you for making the game. I see you have a real talent and hope you continue to develop the game.  

For me, the lack of information/hand-holding was welcomed and I felt there was a nice balance in puzzle solving and progression in the game. As with zombies, continue to make the threat real in the game and not just a noise that is never a real threat. 

One minor inconsistency was the screw driver that simply appeared the next day. Story wise it would appear you barricaded yourself in and should be able to get yourself out at anytime. It could be you start off with the screwdriver and can even unscrew the door but upon peeking out the door you see a zombie and if you go out you die but if you sleep and awake up the next day you see the zombie is gone and able to venture out (creating more tension because you know it was there and it will get you). Just a thought. 

Either way please keep up the great work as I look forward to playing more of this and other games from you. 


Great game i liked the old vhs style and the whole living dead theme i hope you keep expanding to this because this was great.

Thank you very much. Kind words. I’m really keen to take this teaser further and expand into a full game. Thanks for the video. Please take a minute to leave the game a review if you get time. Thanks again. 

Loved it... 

Thanks Drunken Cat. Glad you enjoyed it. If you haven’t already please consider leaving the game a rating. Thanks again. 

Loved it! It was simple having it all bundled up together. I liked the style and the mechanics of the game. I haven't gotten the chance to watch the movie yet. 

Overall I liked the style, it was easy and simple. I liked the intro on the game, super awesome. Two thumbs up in my book. 

Well I certainly can’t ask more than two thumbs up! I thoroughly recommend watching the films. Dawn of the Dead is a masterpiece. Day of the Dead has the feeling of claustrophobia and apethy throughout. Night of the Living Dead is just a classic. Thanks again. Please consider leaving this teaser a rating if you have time. 👍🏼

OLD-SCHOOL HORROR IS BACK! | Homage to the Dead Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I always look forward to seeing you play my games and this time was no exception. If you haven’t already please give the game a rating. Thanks for your ongoing support. 👍🏼

my support for this game!

Thank you for playing my game. I hope you enjoyed it. A little rating would be greatly appreciated. 👍🏼 Thanks again. 

good work game! i love george romero and this great tribute ,,, think he return zombie ...please make GEORGE ZOMBIE :D THIS EPIC  we are miss george

I see great potential in this, though I only had questioned, zombie-arms bursting out of brick walls didn't feel really, Old School zombie? Was that just some crammed-in-ending, at least 'something' due to tight schedule? Or that the zombie-arm-bursting scene would be something more accurate if given 'loosely boarded windows to a dark indoors/outdoors with who knows what's behind it and BAM ZOMBIE ARMS REACHING FOR YOU'?

Thanks Neco. The arms bursting through the walls is actually an iconic scene from Day of the Dead which I was nodding to at the end of the teaser. You'll notice I also managed to get the same calendar on the wall!

Well as is expected with my ignorance of old horror movies - Feels good to be proven wrong, hah. Well, the horror movie buffs out there probably really appreciate those details and touches, as a horror-game-buff though, I'll definitely look forward for more :)

Thanks Neco.

Really nice job. The scares were nice and not overly jumpscare-y. I like that you didn't overdo the VHS effect. 

Thanks for playing it dude. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're not the first to get spooked by the doors! They are totally unnecessarily violent; I love them! Thanks again.

Looks really amazing so far! I've got to say, this teaser was pretty badass. The VHS style was superb and very well executed. I'm excited to see where this project heads!

Thanks buddy!

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I have got to say Dan you did another good job man. I like playing games that are of the VHS/Pixel horror style. If you do make this into a full game I think it will be pretty freaking awesome

Thanks Will and sorry for taking so long to reaspond. I loved your video. I’m super excited to work on a larger version of the game. Please consider leaving a rating if you get a chance (and haven’t already).

Gave it a go...

Gave it a go...


Awesome game! As soon as I saw it was a tribute to George I already knew I was in for a treat. Can't wait for the full game!

Absolutely loved this teaser!


Ah I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks for the video. I look forward to watching it later when I’m home! Thanks dude, appreciate you taking the time. 

Pleasure is all mine, you really know how to create atmosphere! It's definitely worth a full game eventually, if you're ever thinking about doing that. The old style, the creepy radio, the sound effects, you're doing an amazing job, will definitely look forward to your future projects.

So happy the demo is here! i love this! you are always amazing with the games you make! this is the best one yet! keep up the great work :D

Tried picking up the screwdriver, but it won't let me. I'm tapping E on it, but nothing is happening. Maybe a bug?

(1 edit)

I found the issue and it's now fixed! Long story short there was a bug if you scrolled mouse wheel BEFORE picking up first item. That's sorted now; thanks for mentioning it, I wouldn't have ever found it on my own!!

No problem Dan! I legit tried deleting my comment before you saw it because I thought it was just me. I ended up exiting out, getting back in the game, and being able to pick it up. Pretty dope game though. My video on it will be up soon.

Glad you didn't or I wouldn't have fixed it! Cheers Step. 

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