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Man I'm very impressed this is still pretty engrossing for being a short little idea.

I really wanted to play another one of games afte the amazing time I had with first winner and how much it reminded me of jacobs ladder. Except I got really confused at the start of this what I was suppose to be doing and where I was suppose to be going so much so that I just gave up. I guess I reaching out to figure out what it is the game is looking for me to. Because this seems to be another trip down the rabbit hole like first winner was and I want to find the bottom. But I need a little help here because I am really lost and confused.

Hey, thanks for downloading Number 94. It's a game jam entry so very rusty around the edges, but I might come back to it. This one is definitely not user friendly :) Top tip, at the start do not move. Just wait and listen for the beeps. It'll unlock secrets that you can't even begin to imagine!

Ok the part I was having problems with was after I pressed the button and somehow not quite sure how made it threw the door up in the air I could not figure out how to get the platform to stay on what I was suppose to do next.

Ok finally got threw what there was of that so far and interesting concepts. But I will be honest I did not like the feeling of having to race to get to the key or the door in time just to open it or grab it. Especially the rotating door that if you miss it you have to wait threw for it to get right side up again. But if you ever add more i would love to play it. Because so far I have liked all of the stuff you done. I love how in all your games the world is constantly changing.

      Is game design what you want to do full time or these just fun hobby projects that you do when you have a bit of extra time? 

absolutely in love with your games. thanks for the scares! (again)

Hey there, we played your game on Screaming Closet. Got some good panic and jumps out of my co-host for sure! Thanks for making this, hope to see more!

This was such an awesome concept, it's such a shame that it was so short as I felt like there was so much that could have been expanded on! I got majorly stuck near the end though but luckily figured it out.

Really sweet~~. But sadly it's short.... anyways im waiting on that full version

i hope the full version comes out soon

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I liked the use of audio cues to bring you to where you needed to go and the strange effect to show changes around you.

Also here is the end that I missed in my first run

u didnt finish the game

I always love a game with interesting mechanics and a premise that makes you think. Thank you for this neat little game. Keep it up. (14:05)


Grat work Dan, can't wait for your next project!!

Some neat ideas here. The audiovisual barrage comes a little close to untolerable, but does succeeed in creating a uniquely wierd atmosphere. The rules of the world are taught in a nice organic way too. I think I may have gotten stuck just beyond the rotating door, in the corridor with two exits. I couldn't figure out how to proceed. I would be interested to see where this goes.

Awesome game! I like the part you pressed the button!

Can you open the two red doors or is that the end?

You might be able to open one of them 😉

Really enjoyed Number 94, the asethetic was perfect in this game and I really dug the atmosphere and gameplay of it all. :D

Thank you! Hopefully I can expand on it. 

Cool game! The atmosphere at the start was great, and the effects when I made progress further into the game (trying to be somewhat vague here) were really cool. I had a bit of trouble with the last puzzle, but had a fun time playing this.

Thank you!

Im on MacOS Catalina, and when I tried to open the game it just says it can't be opened. Its been happening with most games now.

Does it say anything else? Like is it about not a trusted developer? If that's the case open MacOS Settings and go to Security and Privacy. There should be button there to open it "anyway".

do you happen to know if it’s 32bit or 64bit? I’ve never had a problem with the unidentified dev problem xD but OSx Catalina can no longer run 32 bit apps or games for some reason 

Hey, the Windows application doesn't work, it's missing content and I can't play the game.

I rebuilt and re-uploaded.  Thanks for letting me know. Please try again. 

Thanks! :D

How long does the game normally last?

Longer than that!

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I get so pumped when I saw you released a new game, any ideas when it's coming to mac?


I’ll put a Mac version out today. I haven’t tested it and it’ll probably run like crap but at least it’s there! Will give you a nudge when it’s up. 

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Testing it right now, I'll let you know how it runs :)


It runs fine on mac, i tested the whole thing, until the part where it says "I told you it wasn't finished"

Huh. What exactly does one do in this game? I walked forward, heard a few chirps, and then fell off the edge of the map. Was that the intended play experience?

Don’t run. Walk. Go towards the chirp.