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Made a video -

Thanks for playing my game guys! 

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THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I can't wait to see more from you in the future! :D

Thanks dude!

*Rurr* - Gave the game a try, liked the atmosphere, my only criticism is it's TOO SHORT! It built up tension but - if only the game was a bit longer and had something 'actually' spooky in it :( Outside of that? Short but tense.

Thanks dude for giving it a shot. Perhaps in hindsight I should sat on it for a while and come back to it; but it was my intention to just get something finished so I put a deadline on it. Too many projects don't get finished so I was happy to get it out there. I'm working on something else now which should feel a lot more complete so check back later. Thanks again for playing. 

Sounds good, will do!

Gab played Pacific :)

Gave it a go...

Thanks for the LP man and for the advice about the sounds. I made it real basey headphones so for me the levels sounded ok, but I'll give it a try with ear plugs and tweak it. Thanks again. 

Just completed your game - really atmospheric and kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next - loved it

Thanks for playing!! Glad you enjoyed it. 

Hi i made a video on your game it was pretty nice and for having no jumpscares it somehow still kept me on edge the whole time great job :D

Hey dude. Thanks so much for checking out Pacific! I love your LP style. I know what you mean about no jump scares but still holds the atmosphere.  Lazy developer hey?! Taking advantage of the fear in your head instead of putting it on the screen! I hope you check out my next game, be sure to follow me on itch for updates. Any chance you can put the word "indie" in your YouTube title? Would be great if you could. Thanks dude. 

Sure thing following and looking forward to your next game :)

hi and big thx for your great disturbing game :) i love it. the story and gameplay is so scary. great job and 5/5 greetings from germany

Vielen Dank für das Spielen von Pacific. Ich wünschte, ich verstand jedes Wort, das du im Video gesprochen hast!

Ich habe tatsächlich ein Update auf Pacific heute hochgeladen, die ein paar Bugs behoben und einige zusätzliche Features hinzugefügt. Aber es ist nicht viel Unterschied, und du hast trotzdem die Bugs vermieden!

Danke nochmal. (Google Übersetzer)

hi :) i havr to say thank's a lot :) i'm so glad you like my lp :) this game is great :) i hopoew to see more games like that in the future . ;) greetings

Damn, this looks cool.

Hope you enjoy it.

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