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Thanks for your key, Saft! :)

Hey Dan, this is awesome and I adore it. It's so cool and unique and refreshing. I don't have much to donate, but I hope it helps. 


Thank you so much. That's very generous of you! 

I don't understand the point of this. It seems to be 99% the same experience no matter what you do and the only thing to really do in the experiene is try and guess a 4 digit password someone else made and to create your own 4 digit code for some one else to try and guess?

I can't understand why everyone else seems to think this is amazing when it seems to me anything but.

I can only imagine the other posters have never played a puzzle or a computer game as if you have experiened either this is utterly forgettable.

I agree. It’s a pile of trash.

I can’t figure out the password for the last key!!! Someone please help!

this was such a cool game! I love how it depends on other players for you to escape. thanks $$$CAH|SH|$$$, whoever you are. I found your key and escaped

This Is amazing! even word's can't describe how! it is rather scary and very cool at the same time. but i LOVE that! the coding on other players (wether different place or network) it is very amazing! the art style, the music, all of that! wow! applause to you, good sir! i am currently editing a video i made about this. you'd love the reactions XD i have played a couple of times already! can't wait for new stuff you make!

Thanks man! I noticed your codes 😉

cool! i just realized on how MANY times i made  a key. 

Hey how are you doing such games? I love them! could you make a tutorial or something ? :)

I'm usually not one for escape room type games but this on was pretty cool. The art style for sure had me drawn to the game. I'm a little late on a video but here is mine.

Where can I download the music that plays in the background? Fantastic little game by the way :)

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Hey thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have not made the soundtrack publicly available at this time.  

If you do, that'd be great! No pressure though :)

Awesome. Love a good escape the room/layers of fear type game. Hopefully whoever finds my key has fun guessing the code. Good job on this... :)

Thanks for the video Kev. Glad you enjoyed the game. 

This game was super enjoyable!  I love the basic concept of everything is based off of if something is true or false.  Haveing to figure out keys that someone had left as well is a really awesome idea!  Amazing job! Can anyone get my key?

Great video man. Really enjoyed it! Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who read “Can you find a key” as a signal to look for a key to open the combination lock. Bit of a wording error on my part I think. Appreciate you taking the time to make a video about it. 

If you had even an inkling of interest in Moirai then this game is for you!! If you have no idea what Moirai is then this is the game for you!! If you have never played a video game in your life then this is the game for you!! Basically what I am saying is play this game... What are you wating for, get playing!! 

Great video man. Thanks for taking the time to play it and the kind recommendations. Feel free to rate the game on itch! Every little helps.

Thanks for making this phenomenal game...I love games of this unusual sort! I rated your game, gave it 5 stars but wish there were 10 so I could give it an 11/10!

This was a fantastic experience! I really liked the concept that other players influence you, and that whether you live or die is based on the kindness (or lack thereof) of another player. I would love to see more of this. 


Thanks for the video dude!

Really loved the concept of this game! I really like that your fate is completely decided by the person before you; gives you a reason to want to play it again for the other ending. Great game!

Come stop by my YouTube channel : 

Jaded Dragons Gaming

Thanks for the video dude!

Thanks for the game!  <3

Really enjoyed it!

This is a really cool idea and another great game! Of course, 1234 worked.

haha thanks for the video!

Thanks for the game, it was very fun and interesting. I managed to guess the password of the player before me. Wonder if the next player guessed mine? If only there was a way to know... :P

Love the video dude. Glad you found your way out!

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another great game :) I dig this developers games. They are unique and interesting. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Nightmaaron, I really enjoyed this video. Thank for you the kind words.

I really like this but how the heck am I supposed to know the combination another person set up?


I was able to use my own key

Hey Loueehsah. I'm glad you got out eventually. There are a lot of combinations out there, so it might take you a while to find someone else's key but eventually you will. The human brain isn't too good at coming up with truly random numbers so try some obvious combinations and you'll get one sooner or later. Or don't and stay in the room forever :)

Awesome game Dan! I need to play it again to see the other ending :p

I've got your key Albi!


Thanks for the video dude. Entertaining as always and well done for finding a key!

Thanks! I was very lucky!

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Really good. Freaky and weird, but never terrifying (I don't like frightening games). The main gameplay is good enough with some interesting keys so as to create some tense situations. The retro aesthetic and mood are great, but I noticed some clipping with walls because the character is too big (regarding walls and roof). Set camera's clipping planes value to 0.1f - so it could be more efficient. It's not really annoying, but I gues that you could improve your project fixing these minor bugs. Overall, I liked the experience - and I finally escaped. Thank you ++

PS : have a drink :)

Hey Geckoo1337 thanks for the advice on the clipping. I'll definitely give that a shot, hopefully that'll fix the issue. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment.

hi, big thx for the great experience :) very good my friend :) greetings from germany 5/5

Thanks for the video Rosiger. Perhaps try starting the game with less graphic settings because it looks like you're getting some slow FPS, but maybe that's just the video encoding?

So, it's like Moirai but not?


It definitely shares a player to player interactive element like Moirai yes. 

Thanks Mary key 1111 for your kindness! :)


i have not played a game like this yet! very well done! nice graphics, nice sounds, awesome gameplay! i loved it! good job Dan! :D


Thanks Jay. You found me a bug too :) Fixed it now. You shouldn't be able to lock the first combination safe. You should only be able to lock your key away in the final combo safe.

Your welcome dude! and oh awesome! glad i could help! :D


Thank you.


2017 Key :)


Had Fun

Thanks Smokeyd. Enjoyed your video.


the screen is all pink??



Really liked the concept, wonder who here got my key?


Thanks MAD gaming.

really enjoyed this game i got far too here is my playthrough 

Cheers 2purpleswitch. It's always terrifying watching the first video unless I left a major obvious bug in there!


Nice work, I'm  fan of your stuff!


Thank you Leafo!