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The Tomatoes are OK

Created by Dan Sanderson @danthaiwang

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorDan Sanderson
Made withUnity
Tagsdanthaiwang, Farming, glitch, Horror, Post-apocalyptic, Unity


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Nice idea, but I couldn't play it very long. The graphics made it so hard to see where anything was. 



One of the color filters, it's a red one, creates this sense of not knowing clearly of how to move or where to move, kind of like sludging, I dont know how to describe it, but I get the same exact feeling of movement when im dreaming, it immersed me in the game a lot, i didnt know someone could recreate that feeling digitally



See our full review here; gaull.xyz (#13)


this game gave me goosebumps, like i just kept on screaming "NO!" and the game actually made me feel cold no joke. best game i ever played and i can't wait for more of these PSX games that you make. they are amazing


One of the best games I've played


The game seemed interesting so I thought I would try it out!  The game was definitely interesting.  I enjoyed trying it out! :) 


Hey thanks for taking the time to give it a try. Love the video! 


hey, it's me from the bool escape game. i loved it so much!

i would like to try this one next. the bool one got me ready for MORE. i would try all your games. i hope you can come up with more sometime! time to try some games, i will need to trigger up all my "scared" face to come up, horror movies don't seem to work much on me no more. having an fps horror

game ups the level. thanks again!


I loved this game so much ... I honestly didn't expect it to be scary, but it surprised me xD


the tomatoes are ok


This game was super weird and that's my FAVORITE! It gave me a strong Salad Fingers vibe and that made it all the better. Great work :D


I hope the tomatoes are still ok?? 

my pig died and I've been scarred for life, at least my tomatoes are ok

i was playing this game for my channel as "the most extrange game I never play" It was fun but sometimes my monitor was not clear enough to see doors or buttons

Awesome game.  I dont know what it means but all and all I appreciate the fact that the tomatoes are OK.  Thanks for the fun experience developer!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing. Have a spooky spooktober! 

Made a video on it 

This was a really interesting game. The visuals and sound design were very well done. I love the imagery of the open door frame in that big plain. Thanks for sharing this!

how do you get this to run

What are you trying to run it on; Mac or PC? Either way you should just be able to unzip the file and either run the .exe file or the Mac app. If you're on a mac you will probably have to go into the settings and allow it to run from an unknown author. You can search for this with "security" or something and then at the bottom click "Run Anyway". 

If you're on a PC then I'll need a little more information in order to help you out. What are your specs? Windows 10?

I have windows 10. 

Hello. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you about this. Can you please try downloading the PC version again. I've made a small update which I hope will help. I noticed some other people were have trouble with other games and Windows 10 so I've disabled the resolution dialog window at the start. Please let me know if this helps. Many thanks. 


Prolly one of the most surreal indie games I've played yet! A bit confusing at first; given the visuals, but it's very fun. Unfortunately, I have not seen a single tomato during gameplay, but I'll take your word for it and hope my tomatoes are actually OK. Is there even a story present here? I'm still at a loss for words! Will be on the lookout for future projects! Keep up the awesome work, dude!


Thanks for the video man. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The Tomatoes are OK was a lot of fun to make and despite it not exactly being heavy on story or (some would argue) fun, it's an experiment that I'm enjoying seeing people experience. I enjoyed your video.

Sadly I cannot get it to run

Hey Nightmaaron, what's the issue with the game? Give me a bit more information and I'll try to help you out.

Sorry Dan, It just crashes when I try to run it. I have tried to install in several times and it will not run. Windows PC

Hello. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you about this. Can you please try downloading the PC version again. I've made a small update which I hope will help. I noticed some other people were have trouble with other games and Windows 10 so I've disabled the resolution dialog window at the start. Please let me know if this helps. Many thanks. 

AAAAAH WHAT'S HAPPENING!!.. | The Tomatoes are OK

Dan is back with another crazy game!! i really enjoyed this game dude even tho i got soooo confused in where i was going haha! but that made it more fun for the game :D really good job on creating this dude! :D

Ok this was a super messed game, I got a little lost near the end, but you made a spot in my Halloween marathon from...who woulda guessed it, HALLOWEEN! check it out and explain what was I doing here??

This game was trippy! A unique experience that was actually fun to play!


Deleted post

This game was amazing. I love the unique approach to progression and that you must think outside the box (and fabric of reality) Definitely a step up from Pacific, which was also amazing!

Thank you for the kind words mate. Love your videos.

Thank you!! That means a lot!

Well, the first time that i learned about the existence of Dan Sanderson as a game developer was with his little gem which goes by the name of "Pacific" -a game which i absolutely loved!

Since that experience i've been following this dev for any upcoming games & updates, and today with "The Tomatoes Are 
Ok" i'm pretty sure that you became one of my most beloved indie game developers and i'm willing to support you (with what i can provide) on your journey as a dev! 
I hope to become able one day through Youtube , not only to inspire and make people laugh but also support even more people like you. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to access your work! I've made a Let's Play (hope it can be useful) 

(1 edit) (+1)

Very kind words dude. I appreciate it a lot. I'm glad you enjoy playing my stuff. I'm working on a larger game right now called K-129 [ www.k-129.net ] if you're interested. Also I plan on submitting a little jam game for the Asylum Jam 2017 so keep an eye out for that. 

Your support really does help me to stay motivated to continue creating stuff so thank you a lot. 

This game is so weird but so spooky at the same time ... I Love It :D.

I uh... I think I broke the game...


You sure did! Good job 馃檪 Something to fix I think. 


Gave it a go...


Thanks for the LP man. Loved your video.

I have no idea what I just experienced... but odly enough I enjoyed it! Great Job!

Thanks for the video man. Great LP. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it bugged out for you and thanks for continuing.

Another great horror experience! Keep it up!


Great video as always man!


I really like the mood in this one, really spooky.

I seem to be stuck, though. After the message 'mother is getting angry now' I seem to get pushed out of bounds, like I'm standing on a big flat plane and I can see some walls and a door above me that I can't reach. It's happened twice in a row.

Hi Aergia. Thanks getting in touch. That was actually a bug that I fixed two days ago so I think if you download it again you should be able to get a bit further. Sorry about that! 

I downloaded it just shortly before I posted this so I'm afraid it's still there :/ It's the Windows version.

It felt like it was the little stalker guy/moster that hit me and pushed me through the wall, looked like I was on a balcony or something, I could move around the outside of the level or walk off the edge onto the plateau. Hope that makes sense!

That was super unsettling, the entity which surges towards you was horrible. Thanks Dan, great stuff! :)

Probably the weirdest game I've ever played! 

A very bizarre game XD

Hey, I really liked your game! It was very glitchy and confusing, which is why I pondered and pondered a lot haha but I liked it anyways, I even made a video of it :P I hope you enjoy it!

This game was super creepy and unsettling! Loved raising my farm to the point of being an award-winning farm! 

Neat stuff, definitely a unique and unsettling experience. Loved the visuals and the audio design/voice acting was superb. Nice job!

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