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First Winter, Pacific’s sequel is now in production. Follow @firstwintergame for updates! 

Created by Dan Sanderson @danthaiwang

Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/danthaiwang


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I personally enjoyed Pacific, it has a very interesting atmosphere. In reality something like this really could happen you really never know. 

I highly recommend playing this

I really like the pixelated art style with the fog. It gave this sense of unknowing fear from the lack of detailed information you could gather, which made you mind start working on what it could be.

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Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you'll get a lot out of First Winter too!

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It’s a good question. I’ve actually made quite liberal use of the slash. Sequel/Remake. Make your own mind up 😉

A really scary game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work !!!

Had a lot of fun with this game and the transitions between the rooms was a cool touch!


add an enemy please and make sure it a scary one


There are lots of games with enemies. This one doesn’t have one.


yeah but  add one please for god sake


No it doesn't need an enemy. 

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what do you mean ? yes it does just like any other horror game otherwise the point of the suspense and tension if there no sense of  actual horror or danger in the game itself ? at some piont have to release the tension or else it will eventually loose the it appeal and the scary side of it because it meant to last for that long tension and suspense are use in horror to give the player that feeling of anxiety and fear of being watch or stalked by something evil and keep the gamers wandering whenit going to come on if it come out after a while the gamer realize that nothing there to then the whole thing becomes useless espcially when it doesnt the expectation of the player unfortunally developers on focus on the fisrt side that there another side of it because that how it woks .....anyway it your choice wether if you want to add an enemy or not that your game good luck in the futuer


Thanks for the future good luck. I trust you won't enjoy my latest game either ;)

Firstly, Pacific is a highly atmospheric and tense experience. It's roughly 10 minutes of game play. The characteristic of the game is that despite all your apprehension of progressing any further, the reality is that there is no physical threat and that you've wound yourself up for no logical reason. 

Secondly the subject matter is nuclear weapons and atomic testing in the 50's and 60's. The enemy is all around you; and I'm not intending to sound pretentious with that. The devastation of the nuclear blast and the side effects of the radiation surround you for the duration of this short experience. How could I possibly put a monster in there or some other kind of enemy? What would be the point and what purpose would it serve (in a story sense)?

There are thousands of games available that have an enemy in there chasing you around but Pacific is not one of them. 

Greetings from Germany. I really liked your the game, the pixelated look is awesome and it had some scary moments. Keep the good work up. ^^

Thank you!

Pretty good Pixelated horror game really enjoyed it! 

Can I please record myself playing this.

Of course. I would love to see you play this. Thanks for asking. 

thank you and you're welcome!

I did an LP of this on my channel. I quite enjoyed it, I always love when people do the whole changing layout thing.

It was very spooky! i really loved it! looking for more in future!

Thanks for taking the time to play it and make a video dude. Sequel is very close to completion! Follow @firstwintergame on twitter for updates. 

Nicely done. Atmospheric, twists and turns.

I'm in love with sounds and mechanics of this game! That was so creepy and atmospheric. 

Thanks so much for playing Pacific. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was definitely a game about atmosphere rather than jump scares. FYI I’m currently working on the sequel/remake. 😉

great sound design. that's how a game should be. keep it up guys :)

Thanks a lot man. Glad you enjoyed the sound design.

That was SCARY! GOD!!!

This game wasn't really fun, it was hey lets see if this game can give you a heart attack FUN. Seriously, it scared me and I was sitting in my chair thinking, Jumpscare? Anyways it was fun and scared me (Obovisouly).

Hey Paul, thanks for the words man. I wasn't going for a jumpscare type game, but instead trying to build atmosphere and make you feel uncomfortable so hopefully I achieved that effect. Thanks for taking the time to play. 

Your welcome!

This game was fantastic, the atmosphere created made me feel very nervous from start to finish, the way the rooms changed was genius, thank you for this game! 

"Oh you son of a bitch!" I'm assuming that wasn't directed at me personally :-) Thanks for the video dude.

oh no not at all! Haha I was just saying it to the game, it was fantastic, thank you ! ☺️

I really had fun playing this game. I enjoyed it. I hope to see more from this developer! 

I have to say I enjoyed this little pixelated horror game. I look forward to more from this developer :3

This is great I had an eerie feeling the whole time.

Thanks for the LP dude.

Great atmosphere

Wow, I need to hire you for bug finding! Great bug getting caught in the corner like that. Haven't seen anyone else do that before.

Lol thanks, I like to try to test games limits it's fun.


This game was so freaky.  The ambience. The suspense. The atmosphere. The creepy audio. Everything contributed to make this game a wonderful, horror experience.  Pacific is creepier than some other pixelated horror games I played but it's not the best.  However, I did enjoy it.  The atmosphere was great and made me freak out during my entire playthrough.  You can see it in the video below.  Just fast forward to 5:58. I recommend you play the game for yourself.  It's easy! All you have to do is hit that download button up top. Only play if you're brave enough haha.

If you want, you can check out my playthrough of the game by clicking the link down below.  It's a double feature so fast forward to 5:58 to watch the Pacific playthrough.

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out my channel by clicking the link below and subscribe if you wanna see more from me.


Hey mrsonicmanu Thanks for your awesome LP. I appreciate the time you took to play Pacific and I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm working on another game right now which I hope you'll also enjoy when I get round to finishing it! Good luck with Your YouTube channel 

Yeah no problem Dan Sanderson! I'm looking forward to playing the new game.  I'll keep an eye out for it.  Thanks! I need all the luck I can get haha


I played this game, on my channel. I found it to be an alright Pixelated Horror Game. It isn't the best one but it's not a bad one either! Here's my video on it, anyway: 

Scared the BAJEEZUS outta me! The tension this came creates is insane. 10/10 would get spooped again.

Thanks so much! Glad the atmosphere got you. I'm working on something else at the moment altogether different. 

Pretty good for such a short game. 

Thanks for the LP dude.

no problem! i really enjoyed it.

Short and sweet. I so wanted it to be longer!!

Thanks for the LP! Seeing the reactions of people like you has taught me quite a lot. Hopefully my next game won't leave you hanging as much. 

Thanks for the response! Some stuff still definitely caught me off guard and it had a great ambience to it!

This was a very cool game! I really enjoyed playing it great job! 

I thought this was pretty good. Here's my video:

i totally thought it was aliens

well done on the style it scared the crap outta us!

Freaking loved the concept!!! Loved the pixelated aspect of it too. Keep it up & look forward to the next one

For what it is, I definitely loved it!! Especially the room transitions (always love that) and the part where you hear footsteps running upon you!! I wish there were more moments like that in the game, but then again, twas made in 29 hours!!

Neat little game. Love the pixel graphics, and the experimentation with the manipulation of space.

This game was great! I got so spooked! I love these kind of games hope you are making more, or something that is a little longer

Very cool game!

nice game.. i was creeped out for a bit lol

Thanks for playing my game dude!! Cool vid.

Nice stuff, neat audio and a creepy atmosphere. Would be interested in seeing more!


Thanks Mister! Working on something else now which I hope will also have a creepy atmosphere!

Loved the game! N E E D  M O R E like this...infused with pixelated horrors and jumpscares!Thanks for sharing your work with us xD 
Here is my Let's Play: 


Thanks for playing my game dude. Cool video! Be sure to follow for updates about my next game; which should be coming soon. 

I'm already on that!Thanks again for the opportunity man!

Awesome game! Really did a lot with a little here in terms of graphics. I always love pixelated horror games. The sound in this really shines to me though. From the beginning I found it a bit creepy and it just got worse as it went.

If I had any complaints it would be of course that it's kind of short but also it would be nice if there was a bit more pay off scare-wise. The build up is amazing but doesn't seem to ever have much in the way of actual scares (except conceptually with the subject matter).

I understand that with that subject matter anything like that might not seem appropriate to you though. Just throwing my two cents in.

At any rate, great game!

Thanks for the feedback Rob. Very interesting. I haven't seen anyone else have those sorts of camera bugs that you came across. It's almost like the field of view got completely messed up on your play through. Did you change any of the settings before the game started? Very interested about why it happened to you (seeing the 2nd to last room before you were meant to). Thanks again for the feedback. 

I know the video got messed up and laggy, but I still did a play through for it! :) 
I was on the edge of my seat! I loved the game! I loved the plot as well!!!

Thanks for playing dude. Shame about the video. Hopefully next one will come out ok though!

I hope perhaps you make another game like this or make something as a squeal to it. It's got such a unique concept and I want to know more about it's lore! :)

Does anybody know what game engine was used to make this game? Thanks

Unity with a pixelation shader attached to the camera. 

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